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West Los Angeles 401(k) Rollover

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Is it possible to get a better return in your portfolio with less systemic risk? The answer is yes! That is precisely what HK Wealth Management, Inc. strives to deliver. Our partners specialize in all areas of money management, wealth building and generational preservation. If you live in West Los Angeles, we'd love to show you what next-generation wealth management looks like. Call 310-482-2352 to schedule a free evaluation!

Independent Third Party Management and Custodians

One of many ways we reduce client risk is by never taking custody of your money. You needn't fear an investment scam since we rely upon a custodian bank to hold all assets. We also extensively use Independent Third Party Management, preferring to integrate the best investment ideas and modalities from multiple sources. We also don't charge a fee for evaluating client needs or making recommendations. From the very beginning, we put your specific goals ahead of any financial considerations, and we do that for one very simple reason—happy clients remain clients. Unhappy clients don't. The best way to serve our bottom line is to serve your bottom line!

At HK Wealth Management, Inc., our west Los Angeles wealth management services include:

West Los Angeles 401(k) rollovers are just the beginning!

Many clients first come to us for help in rolling over a defunct 401(k) or 403(b). If you've recently changed jobs and aren't sure what to do with the 401(k) you left behind, you need to speak with one of our west Los Angeles retirement planning experts. We can help you sort through your 401(k) rollover options and so much more. There's nothing to lose by letting us evaluate your situation and potentially so much to gain!

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  • Dedicated to our clients' peace of mind
  • No Fee for evaluating our clients' needs and making recommendations for them
  • HK Wealth Management is a Registered Investment Adviser.
  • All clients' moneys are held in custody at independent third party banks
  • Many local partnership affiliations for all your financial needs